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Nov 22, 2015

Dr Shane, Dr Ray, Dr Jen and Dr Catherine discuss Dr Jen’s return from a research trip up to northern Australia, Buzz Aldrin's visit, research on coffee drinking, The innuendo effect, how roundworm infection increases fertility and a new study into beeswax found in ancient pottery.

First guest via Skype call: John Hessler, modern cartographer/specialist in Geographic Information Science, curator at The Library of Congress in Washington D.C tells us all about the role of cartography with the advent of big data & virtual reality and also discusses the launch of a new book called Map.

Second guest: Dr Samantha Grover, Postdoctoral Fellow, Soil Plant Interaction Group Department of Animal, Plant and Soil Science at La Trobe University tells us about her research into the extremes of soil organic content and how in WA vast amounts of crops are grown in low organic level soils.

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