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Jun 23, 2015

This week on Einstein A Go-Go, Dr Shane is joined in the studio by Dr Diani and Dr Dr Chromo.

Dr Diani begins the show discussing the 'Power of Positivity' and recent studies into Optogenetics & light sensitive proteins. The team also touch on recent interview and story on fellow RRR show 'Radio Therapy' and the 3 step approach of Gratitude, Empathy & Mindfullness.

Dr Chromo then discusses the 'Fake Faster Diet' (a diet with actual merit?) and the benefits as opposed to the more popular diets.

Dr Shane delves into the latest research into planet Venus, carried out by the Max Planck institute, more specifically from Eugene Shalygin and the Centre for Solar system research.

First Guest: Benjamin Shield (ARC Centre of excellence for environmental decisons seed) at the Australian National University. Discussing Frogs and updating the team on a usually agressive Fungus, also Frog related.

Second Guest: Ella Finkel (Editor at Cosmos Magazine) speaking to the team about recent magazine article around Electrical stimulation of the Brain.

Dr Chromo then finishes the show with a book review of 'The diet myth' (the real science behind what we eat) written by Tim Spector.


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