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May 14, 2018

Einstein A Go Go - 13th May 2018

Dr Euan, Dr Jen, Dr Chris K.P. and Dr Shane

News items: Chytrid fungus effects on frogs, Tutankhamen’s radar results, Behavioural science of dogs and jumping spiders.  

First Guest: Elodie Camprasse PhD Deakin University Pint of science” Bringing science to the pub!


Second Guest: Dr Carlos Kuhn Postdoctoral researcher within FLEET Swinburne University of Technology’s ultra-cold atomic gas group. “Carlos’ primary focus is a new quantum-gas microscope laboratory, the first of its kind in Australia, which will allow investigation of quantum effects at a macroscopic scale, key in FLEET’s study of non-equilibrium physics”

Third Guest: Muthu Vellayappan PhD student Materials Science and Engineering, “how 3D printed materials can geometrically stimulate heart cells to align and beat in time”

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