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May 22, 2013

Dr Chromo, Dr Lauren, Dr Jen and Dr Krystal join Dr Shane in the studio for this week's show.

In science news: Malaria parasites talk to each other. Time lapse photography is aiding in IVF success rates. There are ten foreign cells for every human cell in the body and they feed on red meat. Alligators lose up to 3000 teeth in their lifetime and re-grow them using stem cells. Surprise, surprise, carrots are good for your eyes!

The first guest is algebraist Dr Marcel Jackson from Latrobe University who comes in to discuss the power of abstraction.

The second guest is Dr Euan Ritchie  (aka Mr Jen) from Deakin University. Euan discusses extinction rates (one or two species per year). He also talks about his current crowd funding project, a camera trapping study for mammals in PNG's remote Torricelli mountains. More details here.