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Jul 20, 2015

This week on Einstein A Go-Go, Dr Shane is joined in the studio by Dr Dyani and Dr Chromo.

Together they begin the show sharing some recent Science news.

Topics include the latest in:

- Microbiome research

- The health effects of a walk in the park

- Star Trek inspired technology 

- The very exciting recently finalised Pluto Mission.


First Guest: Professor Canagasingham from CSIRO Perth joins the team by phone to discuss the recent advancements and personal success in the area of Eyecare exams in rural/remote areas.

Second Guests: Professor Mark Cook from St. Vincent's Hospital & the University of Melbourne / Dr David Liley from Swinburne University Brain & Psychological Sciences research centre, join the team in the studio to discuss in depth, the world of Epilepsy. Going on to explain the advancements in the area of invasive and non-invasive treatment of the disease.

The discussion then continues into the world of seizures and seizure control for patients.

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Facebook page: Einstein A Go Go