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Jun 20, 2017

In the studio this week with Dr Shane is colleagues Dr Catherine, Dr Lauren and Dr Jeff.

After swapping stories and tips on mattresses, the team delve into some science related news.

News from a recent winner of the Kyoto Prize who has been working on a new strain on wheat. Next up, A science version of Tinder? Can this readily made application style information searching be useful? The topic shifts to babies, placenta and technology meeting biology and finishes with the latest research into space sugar coming from the ever impressive ALMA.

First Guest: Dr Kevin Rowe - Museum Victoria.

Dr Rowe has recently spent time in the Indonesian rainforests searching for some 25 known species of rats specific to the area, but what he (and his team) found was 5 new species, including the now award winning 'Slender Rat'.

Second Guest: Professor Ralph Hayes - School of earth sciences / Peter Cook centre for carbon capture storage research at University of Melbourne.

Professor Hayes answers questions and explains to the team (and 3RRR audience) What carbon capture and storage is, how it works and why this somewhat controversial research is important for our future.

The team finish up discussing the latest in the arguement of 'Was the mighty T-Rex covered in scales? or feathers as it has recently been claimed?' with supporting recent research news

Remember,.. Science is everywhere!

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