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Sep 19, 2016

Einstein A Go Go - 18th September 2016

Chris KP, Andrea from the BOM & Dr. Shane

News items:

The processes involved in gastro enteritis, mite mitigation with chickens using sandboxes and chasing tornadoes in the USA.

First Guest:

Kathryn Snow School of Population and Global Health University of Melbourne

The emphasis of the importance of follow up testing after a positive testing for viral hepatitis. Currently there is no current established retesting regime.

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Second guest

Katie Buckley Associate Lecturer College of Science Health and Engineering La Trobe University.

Up to 50% of the workforce couldn’t do their job tasks without their voice. Proximity and body fatigue changes the ability to use the voice in the workplace and the sports field. Why is the voice important and how should we be facilitating our voice? Specialist speech pathologists are an excellent resource as is The Melbourne Voice Analysis Centre (MVAC) The voice is an occupational health issue.

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