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Oct 21, 2015

Today in the studio we have Dr Shane, Dr Chromo, Dr Dyani & Dr Catherine.

First up Dr Dyani discusses developments in Prosthetics technology, tactile feedback and artificial skin.

Dr Chromo delves into the world of Artificial Intelligence, Robots and possible Alien Mega structures.

Dr Catherine talks all things Multi Tasking. Are women really better multi taskers than men? And what impacts can brain training and increased cognitive capacity have on our ability to multi task.

Dr Shane discusses ticking off seeing William Shatner live off his bucket list and discusses the upcoming 'Evening with Buzz Aldrin' as well as giving the listeners a little bit of background about the 2nd man to step foot on the moon.

First Guest: Amy Shira Teitel - Journalist, Host of Youtube channels 'Pluto in a minute' and 'Vintage space' and recent author.

Amy and team discuss in depth her upcoming book on Pre-NASA space flight, as well as recent projects launching rockets. Amy then explains the making of her Youtube channel shows 'Pluto in a minute', working with NASA and the accuracy of science in recent blockbuster film 'The Martian'

Second Guest: Dr Thomas Shafee - Post doctoral fellow in Biochemistry at the Latrobe Institute for Molecular Science at Latrobe University.

Dr Thomas joins the team in the studio to discuss the science of engineering proteins, evolutionary history and his work updating and correcting articles on Wikipedia.

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