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Jul 20, 2017

Dr Lauren and Dr Krystal join Dr Shane in the studio.

In news this week - animated gifs in bacteria, Juno's images from Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, and water bears!

First studio guest is Dr Sue Barrell, Chief Scientist and Group Executive, Science and Innovation, Bureau of Meteorology.

Sue's role as Chief Scientist is about leading and connecting science across the Bureau, in making sure that we do the science we need to do, both at the practical applications level (new models, forecasting applications etc) and at the 'breakthrough' level (innovative new ideas).
Second guest is Melissa Mulraney from the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute.
A good night sleep is as important as a healthy diet and exercise for children to be happy and healthy. Children with ADHD are at high risk of experiencing sleep problems. Melissa co-authored a paper on sleep problems in children with ADHD investigating how consistent parents were in sticking to daily routines within the household, and whether the child had good sleep hygiene.