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Oct 19, 2018

Einstein A Go Go – 14th October 2018

Dr Linden, Chris KP & Dr Shane

First guest: Sid Verma, Brainstem. Sid is an entrepreneur, HealthTech evangelist, STEM advocate and community curator. With over 22 years’ experience in technology, his skillset includes business advisory, startups, strategy and operations, mentoring and community development. Sid has successfully launched businesses, developed communities and created not-for-profit organisations that further cross-industry technology opportunities in Australia.

Second guest: Karin Verspoor Professor, School of Computing and Information Systems

University of Melbourne. Epilepsy seizure prediction, brain-controlled prostheses, Alzheimer’s prognosis and real-time clinical decision support are just some of the med tech advances the new ARC training centre will facilitate.

Third and Fourth Guest: Andrew King Lecturer in climate science, School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne AND Roger Dougville, Senior lecturer in renewable energy, Monash University. IPCC report review.

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