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Mar 15, 2016

Dr Shane is joined in the studio with colleagues Dr Euan, Dr Jen and Chris KP.

Tonight on the show the team are joined by two of heavy hitters in current world science. One an expert on String Theory and another that has been awarded over 28 honorary doctorates.

First Guest - Dr Brian Green; Professor of Physics at Columbia University.

The team and Dr Green discuss Einstein's theory of relativity and the possibilities around string theory. Dr Green is visiting Australia currently and speaking at shows around the country including some upcoming shows at Melbourne Park.

Second Guest - Dr David Suzuki; Award winning national broadcaster, science communicator and geneticist. (pre recorded interview)

The esteemed Dr David Suzuki discusses (among other things) his new book 'Letters to my grandchildren', living life in the 'Death Zone', genetic modification, global warming and the future of our species.

The team then update the RRR listeners with some news.

Dr Jen kicks the team off talking the continual develop and growth of our Brains.

Dr Euan switches the topic back to the Environment, our current situation and some good news on how we can potentially fix our issue with the disposal of P.E.Ts.

Chris KP discusses news from the egg industry. In local news there is research happening in Geelong, in distinguishing the sex of a chicken whilst still in the egg resulting in potentially a lot of saved male chickens.

Remember, “Science is everywhere”, including:

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