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Dec 16, 2015

In the studio this week is Dr Shane, Dr Krystal, Dr Jen & Chris KP.

Dr Krystal kick things off discussing recent news surrounding the outbreak and resurgence of Ebola, focussing on recent news coming out of Liberia.

Dr Jen answers the age old questions around 'selective deafness', is it actually a thing?

Chris KP then discusses the topic of 'foot pumped urine operating wearable MFCs' What are they? and why urine?

Dr Shane shares with the team news surrounding protein extraction from millions of years old dinosaurs, then discusses at length the recent updates coming from talks in Paris around global warming global targets.

First (and only guest) - Last guest for 2015!!

Prof. Fabienne Mackay - Head of school of biomedical sciences at Melbourne University.

Fabienne joins the team in the studio to for a lengthy discussion on her fascinating background and experience and how she got into Biomedical science.  The team then talk all things Auto Immune diseases and cancer immunotherapy.

Dr Jen answers the questions ; 'Where has Jen been?' and 'What has Jen been doing?' 'Was it just a North Australian holiday or was there research involved?'


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