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Feb 14, 2017

The week in the studio; Dr Shane is joined by colleagues Dr Euan, Dr Jen & Chris KP (as well as a plethora of guests!)

First Guest: Soren Hermansen (Director of Energy Academy)

Joining the team in the studio to talk about the sustainable living festival and share news from his home island in Denmark which has had amazing advances in renewable and sustainable energy.

Second Guest: Scott Mueller (Associate professor at the Doherty Institute)

Scott answers questions from the team on the subject of Lymph Nodes. What are they? Why are they there? What do they do? and how many do we have?

Third Guest: Chris Bolton (Particulate fluids processing centre - University of Melbourne)

As well as working alongside our own EAGG regular Dr Ray, Chris has been lucky enough to be part of the team that has developed a new piece of imagery equipment which has assisted in greater access to analyse Nano scale particles, particularly those that won't sit still.

The team then discuss the recent speaking event from the legendary Sir David Attenborough, sharing some previously unknown facts about the household favourites early days in the business.

Remember, “Science is everywhere”, including:

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