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Mar 11, 2018

Dr Shane, Dr Euan and Chris KP bring you the week’s hottest science! They chat about fake news, dinosaurs that dropped their tails, termites being reclassified as cockroaches, and shark populations in isolated areas of the Indian Ocean.

They speak with Dr Laura Downie from the Downie Laboratory - Anterior Eye, Clinical Trials and Research Translation Unit, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne, about her unit’s research into improving the standards of eye care within the community. In particular, they discuss Dry Eye Disease.

They also interview Kate Kenfield, Empathy Educator and Creator of “Tea and Empathy”, from the School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne, who is doing some very interesting work on training medicos, scientists etc in empathy.

Remember, “Science is everywhere”, including:

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