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Sep 11, 2016

Dr Shane, Dr Euan, Dr Jen and Chris KP discuss the week’s top science news, including biomimicry being used to deliver medicine, tasting carbohydrates, a trick to change neural pathways, and NASA’s mission to the Bennu asteroid.

The team chat to Hannah Macdougall, PhD Student, Sport Management (Centre for Sport and Social Impact) at La Trobe University’s School of Management, about her research into a well-being ‘brain training' intervention program for elite Para sport athletes.

They also speak to Professor Wing Chiu Information Technology - Engineering at Monash University, about using Aerospace Technology approaches for monitoring structural defects in human bones.

Finally they interview Jemma Evans from the Hudson Research Institute, about female reproductive health; particularly, menstruation, and some of the issues that can arise due to periods.



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