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Apr 18, 2017

Einstein A Go Go - 16th April 2017

Dr Jeff, Dr Laura, Dr Lauren & Dr Shane

First and second guests: Professor David Tarlinton, Head of Department of Immunology and Pathology and NHMRC Principal Research Fellow, Monash University and Dimitra Zotos, Senior Research Fellow, Monash University.

Details of World day of Immunology 29th April 2017. Get down to the vaccination café! We find out what it’s like to be an immunologist!

Third Guest: Andrea Boyd, Space Applications Services for ESA - European Space Agency discusses the function ESA plays in space, the ISS and beyond.

News items: New grant applications with Self Organised Fund Allocation (S.O.F.A.), courtship of jumping spiders, Perfume and air-freshener effects on society, Cassini mission updates.

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