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Nov 8, 2015

Today we chatted with Tammy Jonas from Daylesford's Jonai Farms & Meatsmiths about their move to the country to breed pigs and the various smallgoods they now produce. We also spoke at length about the challenges they face as a small micro-producer in a world that's geared to large corporations. We think Victoria should be proud of its increasing number of independant boutique producers, however many are finding it very hard - or even just giving it up - due to some onerous legal requirements.

Are you weirded out by the prospect of eating bugs, worms, and insects as part of a normal meal? Perhaps we shouldn't be, as LadyBoy Dining's Fran Leaper would attest. Many South East Asian countries have been chowing down on bugs for decades, and they are a really nutritional and environmentally friendly way to form a meal. LadyBoy are a part of this year's Night Noodle Market starting later this month, and will be offering an optional topping of mealworm on your Thai dish. We urge you to try it... it's bloody delicious!

Finally on today's show Melbourne dessert guru Pierre Roelofs joined us in studio to talk about his ongoing series of dessert evenings, currently running at Adriano Zumbo's Fancy Nance. We spoke about how he got into dessert-making, how each separate course is named, and what his top-tip is for creating a kick arse dessert at home: crumbles.