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Feb 8, 2015

Yeeeeaaaaah our first show back for 2015 and we had a quick chat about some of the culinary highlights of our summer.

Our first guest for the year was Dr Rosemary Stanton. Over summer there was a tragic death of a child who had recently consumed raw milk, and there have been subsequent changes to Victorian law regarding its production and sale. But why do people consume it in the first place? Rosemary outlined the fact that there are no tangible health benefits from its consumption, and a lot of the claims you'll hear about its wondrous health properties are entirely apocryphal. Rosemary (and us here at Eat It) does support the craft cheese industry being able to use it to create more interesting boutique cheeses so long as it is used with care and the product is clearly labeled. But there is no real reason to consume the milk itself, and this is especially true for children and the elderly.

Next up we had a lengthy chat to John at the Vic Market about our fairly cool summer.

To finish today's show, winemaker Duncan Buchanan joined us via phone to talk about the 2015 vintage. Despite the cooler weather an "on-average" yield is still predicted for most areas of Australia. In fact, South Australia is looking at one of its earliest vintages ever. We also chatted about the danger presented by powdery mildew with all these cloudy days, the fact that Duncan is about to pick some Riesling grapes off vines in Halls Gap as early as this week, and certain other wanky wine topics like "pruning regime" and "canopy management".