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May 6, 2018

A packed show today, starting with the chef behind Collingwood's Little Latin Lucy Renee Trudeau. She's been in Australia for eight years, and we spoke about her native California and the emergence of decent-quality Mexican cuisine in Melbourne.

It's been 16 years since Michele Curtis and Alan Campion released their first edition of In The Kitchen, and to celebrate the release of their 2018 edition they joined us in the studio to talk about what's changed in Melbourne since the first release (quinoa anyone?), as well as some of their favourite recipes from the book.

Nick Stanton is the man behind the kitchen of Chapel St's Ramblr, and we chatted about his apprenticeship in a massive hotel kitchen, how he's working with Asian flavours despite his classic French training, and the piles of waste that results from restaurants using the sous-vide cooking method.