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Aug 6, 2017

On today's show we started with Matt's top tips for an excellent mushroom risotto, lifted from a Giorgio Locatelli: add some soaked dried porcini in with the rice, use carnaroli rice if you can find it, and lightly fry fresh mushrooms in a separate pan before adding them with the butter and parmesan at the end.

We caught up with our good market buddy John to see how his surgery recovery is going; the good news is that he hopes to be back on the market stall by Christmas. We also had a quick forage around in his shopping basket to learn what's good this week.

Chef Ravi Presser joined us in the studio to talk about charity cooking, his Indian and Polish descent, and the importance of good relationships with food suppliers in this world of less sustainable agriculture.

Mesa Verde in Curtin House is one of our Eat It faves, and we chatted to Kathy Reid about the recent renovations in the restaurant and her search for THE PERFECT TACO. Kath's tips for excellent Mexican food at home? Have some dried chilli, chipotle and adobo handy in the pantry. And don't skimp on the quality of the tortilla!