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Nov 5, 2017

On today's show we started by talking about the humble potato latke... or rosti, or whatever the hell you call it. How does such a simple potato dish manage to taste so awesome?

Speaking of awesome, the team behind Tivoli Road Bakery have released a new book and it is, uhhh... awesome. Michael and Pippa James joined us in the studio to talk about their journey from cheffing to baking, the differences between "traditional" baking and industralised baking, and why supermarket flours ain't that great for your sourdough starter.

Lastly the co-editor of the Good Food Guide Roslyn Grundy dropped in to talk about the recent launch of the 2018 edition, the first time the guide had been truly national. We spoke about some of this year's trends as well as a few of Roslyn's favourite places to eat.