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Feb 5, 2017

We're very excited to be back for 2017 and another year on the mighty 3RRR! We had a quick chat about what we ate over the summer period.

We had a chat to Dr Rosemary Stanton about all the supposedly miraculous weight-loss methods that seem to pop up at this time of year. Goji berries? Chia seeds? And more recently, tumeric? Guess what, none of these foods have any magical properties and won't cure your cancer. Just eat a healthy balanced diet and you'll be the best you that you can be.

Next up we had our first market report for 2017 with John at the Queen Vic.

Max Allen is one of Australia's leading wine writers, and he made the trek into East Brunswick to have a chat about all things vintage 2017. In short, this year feels like it's "back to normal" with the vintage no longer being so early and a slightly cooler summer. We also had a look at a McLaren Vale wine called Lino Ramble, which is one of the new gen of McLaren Vale wines made "on the side" by winemakers who also work for bigger labels.