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Jun 4, 2017

On a gorgeous Melbourne winter's day we started the show talking to the Good Food Guide's Roslyn Grundy. There are huge changes happening to the Guide this year, as the Melbourne and Sydney editions are combined to form a national tome that also covers Australia's other cities. It's going to be huge - roughly twice the size of the current guide - and is due out in October.

Next up we were joined by the awesome team behind Fitzroy's Smith & Daughters, Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse. It's not a "big thing" to be Vegan anymore, and we chatted about what to put on a vegetable-based plate during winter.

Lastly we were re-joined by a Triple R favourite Justin "Digger" Calverley who has just released his first book called The Urban Farmer. And guess what? It's a crackerjack book, based on his long-running urban farming course from Ceres Environmental Park.