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Mar 30, 2014

We started today's show spruiking an excellent event that Cam is MC'ing next week: The Dinner Project at CERES. Not only is it a bargain, but all proceeds go to CERES and the CFA.

We also caught up with Rosemary Stanton about the 5-star nutritional website that was pulled down by the government after only a few hours online. The website may yet appear, but the site and the subsequent inclusion of nutritional star ratings on food packaging is now subject to a cost / benefit analysis by the new federal government. We think this is a really important step to informed choice when purchasing food, and would ultimately lead to healthier food and therefore better health outcomes for the country. If you do too, Rosemary suggests that you contact your state health minister ahead of the next planned discussion in June.

Next on the show The River Kwai and Vanilla Orchid's Duncan Robertson joined us in-studio to talk about his experiences with Thai cuisine. He's just about to launch his new TV show Duncan's Thai Kitchen, and we talked about his discovery of Asian food and experiences in Thailand. Thai food is all about balancing three key flavour components: acidity, saltiness, and sweetness. Added too much salt? No problems, just add more of the other two!

It's not often you get to speak to TWO Duncan's in one show, but today was a rare treat as our final segment was with Duncan Buchanan from Circe Wine talking all thing vintage. As the last of the 2014 grapes come off the vines, Duncan reflected on a fairly eventful growing year in pretty much every wine region. The story of 2014 is that quality is up but quantity is waaaay down and this may make it difficult to find a realistic price point for the finished product.