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Jun 3, 2018

We started today's show talking about some recent highlights on our culinary life: Cam's broccolini farfelle, Matt's trip to Mason's of Bendigo, and a new restaurant in the old Port Melbourne courthouse Ciao Cielo.

We checked in with John at the Queen Vic Market.

Industry legend Alla Wolf-Tasker is celebrating thirty years of the Lake House in Daylesford, and has released a beautiful new book called Three Decades On. We spoke about the early days of the restaurant, and how long-term dining manages to transcend trends and fads.

Even further afield we chatted to Dom Hall, the current chef stationed at Casey Base in Antartica. Their annual mid-winter's feast is happening in a few weeks and discussed what's on the menu, how you manage to prep food for so many people in the middle of nowhere, and how they take their coffee waaaaay down south.