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Nov 27, 2016

We started today's show talking about some of the awesome stuff happening for 3RRR's 40th birthday - get involved!

We chatted to food writer an author Richard Cornish about the recent appalling treatment of animals at a Riverside Meats abattoir and how (once again) this underlines the dilemma for meat producers and meat eaters in general. Is there such a thing as "ethical meat"? Is it possible to develop a supply chain where the animal, the producer, and the customer all get something out of the process?

Next up we spoke to John at the Vic Market.

We finished the show with food writer, eater, and cook Dani Valent about entertaining at home. With all the full restaurants, cafes, and bike delivery services is anyone still actually cooking their own food? Yes! And with some planning it's not a huge amount of work. We also spoke about Stephanie Alexander's new book The Cook's Table.