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Apr 26, 2015

We started today’s show with a quick wrap-up of Matt’s trip to adult Disneyland, Las Vegas… surreal.

Frank and Elizabeth from Home Make It joined us to tak about the upcoming Darebin Home Made Food and Wine Festival, which as the name suggests is all about the cultural traditions of doing things yourself at home. Home Make It specialise in classes for making your own passata, salami, and (clearly the most important) wine. Never thought of trying this at home yourself? Maybe check out the festival and learn how!

Next up we spoke to John at the Vic Market.

To finish today’s show we spoke to Philippa Sibley, who has just finished up running the kitchen at Prix Fixe. We chatted about mushroom season and how best to use them, as well as Philippa’s spooky flavor combination of passionfruit and mandarins.