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Oct 25, 2015

We started today's show with a chat to Linda Catalano about last week's rather successful Melbourne Salami Festa... there was a controversial result, as the overall winner was only one point ahead of its rivals and contained - gasp! - DUCK in addition to pork. 

Next up Jennifer Boggiss and Pope Joan's Matt Wilkinson popped in to talk about Heilala vanilla from Tonga. We chatted about growing and harvesting vanilla, how to assess its quality, and of course what to cook with it.

It's around this time of year that our thoughts turn to sparkling wine, and specifically wines from Champagne. Rita Erlich knows a thing or two about that particular drink, and walked us through the history of the big Champagne houses and differences in styles. She also brought us some actual real-life Champagne to drink, so what's not to like?