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Apr 24, 2016

We started today's show with a quick soapbox rant about the ongoing death of the Great Barrier Reef... why do we not seem to care more about this?

ANYWAY back to the food, or in this case the booze! The sixth annual Good Beer Week is coming up very soon, and Miro Bellini about the evolution of the festival, food matching with beer, and some of the awesome events to look out for.

Next we spoke to author, TV host, and top-shelf tweeter Adam Liaw about one of our favourite cookbooks, Adam's Big Pot. We talked about the different influences on Australian cuisine, the continuing simplification of Adam's cooking, and the importance of seasoning and texture.

To finish today's show, Kellybrook Winery's co-owner Phil Kelly spoke about the upcoming Cider Festival on the weekend of April 30. Kellybrook is a second-generation cider producer, and we discussed different varieties of cider, the different apples that go into it, and what exactly it means to "scrump".