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May 22, 2016

It's a windy Sunday and some of Melbourne's plants seem to think it's Spring already... SETTLE DOWN PLANTS you're a few months early.

It's also a windy day in the Yarra Valley, and we had a quick chat to Oakridge chef Matt Stone about an upcoming dinner at the winery featuring ingredients he'll be foraging with Elijah Holland. We discussed the increasing regionality of Australian food, and how Oakridge and their neighbours are focusing on creating a specific Yarra Valley cuisine.

We also had an extended market report with John.

To finish we spoke to Radio Mexico's Adele Arkell, and Marco Cedano & Nick Reid from Tromba Tequila about Mexico's national drink. "Proper" Mexican cuisine is becoming more popular in Melbourne, and similarly we are starting to move on from our traditional perspectives of Tequila as a cheap way to get drunk. We chatted about the Agave plant, matching Tequila and food, and when best to drink certain styles.