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Mar 20, 2016

Happy birthday to the Queen Victoria Market! It opened this day in 1878.

There's been a lot about sugar in the news recently, so we decided to ring Dr Rosemary Stanton and see what was actually happening. Recently the UK have joined a few other countries by introducing a tax on sugary soft drinks, which in places like Mexico has achieved a reduction in overall consumption. Other than the (subjective) benefit of flavour, there really is nothing good at all in softies like Coke or Pepsi, and even their "diet" versions can still have adverse health impacts.

Next up we spoke to John at the aforementioned Queen Victoria Market.

We finished by jumping into the time machine and speaking to Jane Lawson about her upcoming book Milkbar Memories. The book documents the treat food we enjoyed back in the 70s, from mixed bags of lollies through to the ubiquitous Chiko Roll. The book is available from May, and even includes recipes so you can make your own lollies - what's not to like?