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Nov 19, 2017

It's a stormy weekend in Melbourne, and we started the show by acknowledging the awesome postal survey result this week... hooray for the "yes" vote, and bravo to progressive Melbourne!

Anyway back to food, and we spoke to Andrew Kavasalis about the recent law change allowing the production and sale of low-THC hemp for consumption in Australia. We're lagging the world in this, however hemp seed is a very nutritious food that is easy to grow, and vegan-friendly. It tastes a little like nuts, and much like almonds you can even make milk from it. Hopefully you'll see some on restaurant menus and store shelves very soon.

The man behind the CBD's Pastuso, Alejandro Saravia made the trip into Brunswick to talk about Peruvian food, and specifically Empanada. His Fitzroy eatery Che serves up many varieties, and we spoke about how to make them at home, as well as the many differing varieties of chillies available around the world.

We finished by chatting to Professor James Dale about the growing worldwide crisis for banana growers. There is a soil-borne fungus that is slowly infecting the worldwide crops of our favourite banana, the Cavendish. Affected plantations can take up to 40 years to recover from the disease, and Professor Dale is part of a team working on a GM solution to increase the natural resistance to this threat.