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Nov 16, 2014

We started today's show with a cross to the Yarra Valley, where Oakridge Estate's head chef Jose Chavez was watching his board slowly fill with orders. We spoke about the effect of the recent weather on the local produce, and what he's currently sourcing for his kitchen.

Next up we focussed on technology, with Brad Giblin running us through the recent developments with 3D printing. It turns out that people are already using these devices with food, and whilst currently there are really only single ingredient printers being used, there is really no limit to what can be achieved in the future. Maybe it's molecular gastronomy 2.0? It's even backed by NASA!

To finish today, we spoke the the man behind Bacash restaurant, Michael Bacash. We chatted at length about the new proposals to ban commercial fishing in Port Phillip Bay, and what effect that will have on the restaurant supply chain. We also spoke more generally about how to treat your seafood with respect, and how it is entirely different to preparing and cooking other proteins.