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Feb 15, 2015

We started today's show with a lengthy chat to legendary Melbourne chef Guy Grossi. Guy's annual tomato harvest and passata creation has grown into what is now know at the Melbourne Tomato Festival, which is happening in a couple of weeks time. We talked about how traditional Italian cultural traditions persist in Melbourne, as well as some of the history of Farm Vigano where the festival will be held.

Next up Storm In A Teacup's Hannah Dupree joined us in the studio to talk about tea. First up, did you know that all the tea you buy - Earl Grey, Oolong, etc etc - is all the same plant? Differences in processing the leaves is what creates up to 20,000 different recognised varieties of tea. We also spoke about boiling vs not boiling water, cold infusions, and what to avoid (answer: teabags).

Chef Scott Pickett took some time out from running the kitchens at Estelle and St Crispin to talk us through the recent renovation - and tweaking of culinary direction - of Estelle in Northcote. We also chatted generally about the pressures and commercial realities of running a modern restaurant. We finished the show discussing some ingredients that are currently in season, and some of the best ways to prepare them.