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Dec 14, 2014

We started today's show with a brief recap of last week's BBQ day experiment. Can you make your own sparkling wine at home with a Soda Stream? Well.. kinda... with the right wine it sort of works. With cask wine? Not so much!

Anyway onto more nobel pursuits, namely having a look back at the restaurant industry's 2014 with food writers Hilary McNevan and Michael Harden. We chatted about the lean profit margins experienced by most restaurateurs, how some of the trendy ingredients are becoming passe ("we've reached Peak Quinoa") and some of the best food experiences they've had this year.

To finish up wine guru Jane Faulkner joined us to talk about the increase in different grape varietals in the Australian wine industry, what's happening with wine prices in general, and some of the broader trends in the industry. Australian Gin? Tick. Tasmanian Whisky? Tick. Continuing rise of craft beer? BIG tick. Growing acceptance of Sake as a match for various cuisines? Tickerooney.