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Mar 12, 2017

On today's show we spoke to fish guru John Susman about how we can try and make some more sustainable choices next time we're at the fish counter. Rather than a good ol' fillet of salmon, why not try some Leatherjacket, or Flathead, or Red Spot Whiting? We also mentioned his excellent new tome The Australian Fish and Seafood Cookbook which we think is right up there with The Cook's Companion as an Australian kitchen essential.

Next up we chatted to Massimo Mele about the ferretti pasta shape - how it's made, and what to serve it with. We also spoke about next week's Melbourne Tomato Festival which will be an awesome event in its new location this year.

We finished the show with The Hidden Souk's Adrian Kennedy, who spoke about the history and importance of cumin, and the area of Morocco that they source it from.