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Jun 12, 2016

On today's show CAM SOLVED PORRIDGE! That's right folks, prepare the night beforehand and enjoy porridgey perfection!

Our first guest was Sharon Flynn who has spent much of her life developing a love of fermented food. Her business The Fermentary is creating heaps of fresh fermented products, and we spoke about sourdough bread, kraut, kimchee, and natto (which is fermented soybeans)

Next up we had a market report from Damien Pike at the Prahran Market.

We finished today's show with Alex and Cam from the Noisy Ritual Urban Winery. A few years after Cam discovered a winemaking room underneath his house, the team have expanded to become an inner-city winery that anyone can visit and contribute to. We spoke about wild fermentation, grape-stomping music (Kriss Kross anyone?), and the process of making wine over the year.