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Jul 12, 2015

We started today's show with a quick mention of St Kilda's seminal Dogs Bar, which is now back under independant ownership... great news!

Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food has been operating in Australia for three years now, and Katherine Hardingjoined us to talk about the ethos of the program, the importance of cooking skills on everyday health, and how you can get involved.

Chef Ian Curlie has established himself in Melbourne's culinary scene at The European (amongst many other venues), and we spoke to him and his butcher Simon Poole about how they prepare their meat for the demand of their venues. Did you know the price of beef has increased 70% since last year? Nor did we!

To finish today's show we had a chat to John Patton about indigenous culture and food habits. The good news is that many endangered bush foods are now being re-cultivated, so that cuisine will not - hopefully! - be lost to us forever.