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Feb 12, 2017

We started today's show by mentioning a couple of upcoming events you might like to check out...

Scott Pickett and Adam D'Sylva are cooking at the upcoming St Anthony's Primary School Twilight Fair, rockstar farmer Joel Salatin is in Australia to speak at the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance's talk at Jonai Farms, and there is an excellent lineup for the #CookForSyria event in early March at The Point.

Melbourne food icon Guy Grossi and his son Carlo popped into our East Brunswick container to talk about his recent appointment - annointment? - as this year's King of Moomba. We also chatted about tomato season, and the upcoming Melbourne Tomato Festival that has moved to a bigger location this year.

We spoke to John at the Vic Market.

To finish today's show, the team behind Smith & Daughters Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse came in to speak about their excellent new cookbook (which just happens to be vegan). It's 2017; we're cool with veganism, yeah?