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Aug 12, 2018

On today's show we marked the passing of the Chef of the Century, the great Joel Robuchon. At the time of his death he still held 30 Michelin stars!
Farming is a tough business sometimes, and chef at Annam and Pho Nom Jerry Mai joined us to talk about one of their suppliers who are having some hard times after a couple of difficult seasons. The folks at Angelica's Organic Farm in Glenlyon supply many restaurants around town, and those restaurants are arranging a lunch at Annam on Sunday August 19 with all proceeds going to the supplier.
We had a market report from John at the Queen Vic.
To finish today's show we talked about kitchen hygiene basics with Dr Angie Bone from the Department of Health and Human Services. Wash your hands people! For at least 20 seconds each time!