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Feb 11, 2018

Oh hey there errybody... we started today's show with a hint from Cam's FIRST EVER home-made creme brulee: use a spritzy water bottle alongside your brulee flame!

Nick Bennett is the chef at Melbourne's The Arbory, and he joined us to talk about tomorrow's fundraising event called Food for Thought. Some seriously big-name chefs are donating their time to raise funds for Beyond Blue and RUOK. There are still some tickets available, check it out over here.

Next up we spoke to John at the Victoria Market.

We finished today's show with a chat to pHd candidate Erin Cummin about seaweed. Victoria has over 1000 native varieties of seaweed, and it is amazingly useful not just as a food, but even as a fuel or clothing material. We spoke about the three main types of seaweed and what you can do with them.