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Jul 10, 2016

On today's show we spoke to Daylesford farmer Danny Kinnear about the perception (and reality) of farmers, as in Australia the average age of all farmers is 55 year's old. Who is going to grow our food in 20 years? We also chatted about getting into farming, and his WOF-work on farms around the world, and how to balance farming ethics with profitability. Check out his work at Danny's Farm.

The Age Good Food Guide's editor Roslyn Grundy joined us next and spoke about some recent bad luck she's had with her chooks. We chatted about the upcoming 36th edition of the Good Food Guide, which will now also incorporate the Cheap Eats and Bar guides in the one book. The entry point for inclusion into the guide has risen from 12 points to 14 points, as the number of restaurants in Melbourne continues to grow.

To finish today's show, one of Melbourne's true culinary legends Philippe Moucheljoined us to speak about his new bistro Philippe. We spoke about his period being mentored by the great Paul Bocuse, his discovery of Japanese cuisine, and how the local produce scene has grown in the twenty years that he's been based in Melbourne. Plus he gave some tips on how to cook the perfect roast chicken, get cracking!