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Aug 8, 2016

Einstein A Go Go – 7th August 2016

Dr Ray, Dr Euan, Dr Jen and Dr Shane

News items:

Staphylococcus Aureus in your nose and antibiotic resistance, waste control using seagulls, mapping brain development, vicroads public service announcements and measuring the limits of the optical system.

First guest:

Dr Tracy Heng Head of the Stem Cells and Translational Immunology Laboratory Monash University. The use and challenges of bone marrow transplantation. more here

Second guest:

Professor Staffan Persson School of Biosciences University of Melbourne

“In the search for low-emission plant-based fuels, new research could lead to sustainable alternatives to fossil fuel-based products. Scientists have identified new steps in the way plants produce cellulose, the component of plant cell walls that provides strength, and forms insoluble fibre in the human diet.” more here

Third Guest

Prof Peter Rayner Academic, Earth Sciences University of Melbourne

Uses ice cores to analyse historic atmospheric composition. more here


PLUS: head over to University of Melbourne festival of science party and hook up talks on earth quakes, science films, the senses and loads more.


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