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Aug 13, 2017

It's Alive! This week's team on the special Radiothon edition of "Frankenstein A Go Go" is Dr Shane, Dr Krystal, Dr Linden, Dr Laura, Dr Lauren, Dr Catherine and Chris KP. Be sure to subscribe!

The team also discuss bendable batteries, and sequencing the genomes from the leather book bindings, snake skins evolving as...

Aug 6, 2017

In the studio this week are Dr. Linden, Dr. Lauren II, Dr. Ray and Dr Shane.

News: Snow in Australia, Neutrino detection, Crown of Thorns Sea Stars nocturnal observation, TESS - transiting exoplanet survey satellite (and camera technology)

Today's guest (in the studio) is Professor Doug Hilton - WEHI Director, who...

Aug 2, 2017

In the studio this week with Dr Shane is colleagues Dr Laura, Dr Lauren and Dr Ray.

The team kick things off with some science news, starting with a recent study into the major decline in western males sperm count, moving then into recent research into the brain of the dragonfly. The team then share some developing...

Jul 25, 2017

Dr Shane, Dr Laura, Dr Linden and Dr Ray discuss the T-rex dinosaur speed, fish under stress, cost of CO2 on future generations, extensive look at coastal erosion, how Tuna fish use their lymphatic system and mosquito population control in California.

First guest: Luke A. Connal, Senior Lecturer and veski Innovation...

Jul 20, 2017

Dr Lauren and Dr Krystal join Dr Shane in the studio.

In news this week - animated gifs in bacteria, Juno's images from Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, and water bears!

First studio guest is Dr Sue Barrell, Chief Scientist and Group Executive, Science and Innovation, Bureau of Meteorology.

Sue's role as Chief...