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Jul 17, 2019

In the studio this week are Drs Euan, Shane and KrisKP who discuss what's been in the news:
Primroses listen and what they listen toBladder cancer and the immune response, Elizabeth Turtle has been givent the go ahead to have a drone helicopter fly to (Saturn's moon) Titan.

Today's first guest (in the studio)

Jul 7, 2019

Dr Shane and Dr Linden discuss hair loss treatment and plant biology.

First guest: Amy Shira Teitel, tells us about her books and her recent work as a spaceflight historian.


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Jul 3, 2019

Dr Laura joins Dr Shane in the studio.

In news, the Lost Wallet Study - a world wide test for honest, 17000 fake lost wallets, 355 cities in 40 countries. More money lost equalled more returned wallets.
Also, massive damage to the earth’s species due to the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs. One species to thrive...

Jun 25, 2019

Einstein A Go Go - Sunday 23rd June 2019

Dr Ray and Dr Shane.

Science news: Feeding the biomass of the reefs, drilling the north-east coastline of the USA.

First Guest: Debbie Bower Lecturer in Ecosystem Rehabilitation Environmental and Rural Science University of New England. New Guinea is one of the only places in the...

Jun 16, 2019

Dr Shane, Dr Linden, Dr Krystal discuss changing blood types and genetic engineering in human embryos.

The team talk with Dr Januka Attanayake from the University of Melbourne, about research into the relationships between neighbouring earthquakes. Read more 

They also chat to Dr Yugeesh R. Lankadeva, Ph.D., who is the...