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Jun 23, 2017

This week Breakfasters talk about holy communion and weird things you do as a kid, the dramas of contact lenses, and having psychic powers. They also talk to Justin "Digga" Calveriey about growing berries at home and Briohny Doyle about her book Adult Fantasy. With Sarah Smith, Jeff Sparrow, and...

Jun 16, 2017

This week Breakfasters chat to Ben Mendelsohn about the new film Una, and Kate Cole-Adams about her book "Anaesthesia: The Gift Of Oblivion And The Mystery Of Consciousness". Anna Krien talks about her essay “The Long Goodbye: Coal, Coral And Australia’s Climate Deadlock”, and the team talk dilemmas around keeping...

Jun 9, 2017

This week Breakfasters talk to Larissa Dubecki about the "Writers Night School: Food Writing" event at the Emerging Writers Festival, plus 'Feature Creatures' regular Simon Hinkley chats about the explosive bombardier beetle. Dr Jen comes in to debunk full moon myths, and the team chat about celebrities that live close...

Jun 6, 2017

This week the Breakfasters have a chat with Stephen Metcalf about the Slate Culture Gabfest, and talk about assisted dying with Andrew Denton. Laura Dunemann comes in to discuss anything other than Schapelle Corby, and the team talk about which famous people would make good friends.

May 26, 2017

The Breakfasters talk with Stephen Curry on his film Hounds Of Love, being stuck in an elevator and scar tissue. Also, Colson Whitehead speaks about his book The Underground Railroad and Laura Dunemann is this week's Funny Bugger.