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Mar 25, 2015

On this week's Byte:

  • Guests:
  • News in Brief:
    • Netflix in Australia has launched! But will it offer enough for people using VPN services to switch?
    • India has struck down a controversial internet censorship law, after first being challenged in 2012.
    • The transport industry is reacting to Uber in NSW, with complaints that it's anti-competetive.
  • News in Depth:
    • Keren's returned to us briefly after establishing a life in Vietnam. She fills us in on the tech scene over there, and the benefits of working in a tech industry that is in the process of taking off.
  • Events and Opportunities:
    • Freeplay is turning 10 years old this year! It's on April 10 to April 19, but if you want to get involved, the Freeplay Fete is looking for stall holders to displaying their creations - Saturday April 18, 10am-6pm, or you can present at the festival's Unconference.
    • Startup Weekend is a global active movement of grassroots entrepreneurs, and is happenening this weekend, March 27-29. Plenty of stuff going on!
    • Startup Week, run by Startup Victoria, is on from March 27 -April 2.
    • Social Melbourne meet at Plantation Coffee, Shop 253 (Level 2) at Melbourne Central at 8am every Friday to discuss working for Social Media and the web.

Presented by Warren Davies, Keren Flavell and Maize Wallin

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